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Undoubtedly this semester has gone by way to fast. It hasn’t been an easy one two with Assignments, Presentations, Briefs & Documentaries, depending on your faculty back to back, you could swear there is no way you could come out But we have made it this far, that’s what matters.

As we enter the study break it is essential to give yourself a good break from the books and all. What better way to do that than being present at this years campus “shutdown party”. Pearson Institute of Higher Education’s SRC presents the “Final Chapter Picnic”. They’ve decided to go big this time around by listing two big artists on the line-up: namely Stilo Magolide & AB Crazy, so you know its going down.




If you got a Booty thats a minus one to your 99 problems. Icons are known for their amazing work that they do or they have certain archievements that they have which inspire or motivate someone to a point they say i want to be like so and so. Put your bently or your mansion deeds aside people just want your typer “Booty”. Some girls are working out not to be healthy but their goal is to have that J-Lo, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce (bootylicious) , Nicky Minaj, Rihanna; not forgetting our African Queens of booty Mini Dlamini, Bonang, Boity Thulo type of booty. The list is endless. Its a crazy world we may think, but as it appears the facial appearance may not count as much as the booty. There are more squat tip videos than there are of any form of body work out. Its the *BOOTY INVASION*. They have been debates about fake booty implants and saying that booty doesnt count, which has led to such protests labling such claims as “Bitter-Wishers.” Either way heads still turn and when they pass by the whole world freezes just to watch. Booty ia Booty.

How You Move…

It doesnt matter if you are a statue but with the sound of music you can find yourself doing some moves you never thought you were capable of. Dance way back was influenced by culture and even in some cultures the still carry the tradition. But in a civilised world there has been some several dances being made and the 20th century generation seem to be bringing in that heat. Old school have had their Running Man, Hammer Dance, Reebok, soul train dancing and even Cabbage. New school dominates with the Twerking, Nae Nae, Milly Rock, Dougie, Rejerk, Whip Dance, the Dab the list is endless. Music now carries a signature sound that carries or helps maneouver a dance perfectly. We have the Jamaican sound which helps accomodate their pasa pasa dance and the clarks. South african house music carries its own sound for its dance as well as the Afro pop skelewu, shoki dance the list is endless. Countless dance groups all over the world like the famous Jabba Wokees known for thier signature masks and countless Dance competitions held all around the world. What ever mood you in theres a dance to accomodate that. Grab your dancing shoes and start moving.



As the rap circle has grown big hence having a wide coverage of artist and each act bringing in a unique form or style of rap. Rap in the 80’s had that funk typer sound in it as can be heard from artist like Mc Hammer and Vanilla Ice. Then in the 90’s cam the hip hop Guru’s N.W.A with the Dr Dre’s Snoop Dogg Ice Cube 2 Pac The Notorious B.I.G  they brought a new form of that street rap where they spoke about the life in the streets as well as the environment they lived in socially as well as financially.

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The sound of their beats allowed them the freedom of expression in their “flowetry” typa Rap and stayed in line to a certain theme. In the 20th Century came the big guns and introduction of Trap music which later led into mumble rapping like the famous Desiigner Future Young Thug the list is endless.

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Before the lyrics it is the beat that gives hype to the song and them puttin vocals on it its jus like adding a secret ingridient to Grandma’s famous soup. Nobody cares what they are saying but these guys have actually produced club bangers. In the midst of it all Hip Hop has grown and has branched out as people are not scared to try out new stuff rather than “Dancing to the same tune.” Looking also in Africa were there is Kwaito a unique Genre of hip hop pantsula. Another form which is doing very well in southern Africa. The hip Hop culture has evolved but one thing remains as they all submit and keep inline with what the old prophets of hip hop wrote or made. They say Hip Hop is Dead but at the look of things Hip Hop is being born again everyday…

Adidas keeps on getting better by the day…

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Adidas is bringing you some new signature looks with some mainstream inspiration with the Men’s adidas Tubular Invader QS Casual Shoes. This casual high top will be your new go-to sneaker for every occasion once you fall in love with the style. The premium upper gives you that high fashion feel without having to shell out every penny you own. You’ll love the different style appeal that the strap brings to your game. Rock em with jeans or shorts, they’ll look amazing either way.



Aim beyond the stars

I decided to write about something different, something motivational.

Its always a blessing to be alive,so whilst we are still living we ought to make the best out of life!

Today, I would like to share with you an interesting concept I realised from trees; the best fruits, are found at the top!

Whilst some spare their efforts and chose rather to munch mangoes or peaches on the lower branches, the adventurous climb up high or make long hooks so that they can have a taste of whats there at the top and most likely its a juicy share they get as a reward.

Do not be complacent and feel satisfied with the small happenings at the lower end of life. Look at those who made it to the top and let their achievements be an inspiration to you.

You can also get there, but only if you are willing to pay the price.

 ‘ The ladder of success is not crowded at the top’ says Napoleon Hill. So I think the reason why we fail to achieve is because we are willing to stay with the crowd not realising we are choosing to stay low.

Get out of the comfort zone, work hard and have the best of life. When life becomes tasty, you will know you are eating the fruit of your energy. Good day, be blessed.

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